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Default Re: No more patches for Crysis

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
It was'nt really overhyped ,it was a pretty fun game ,I think it could have been coded better ,because I don't think even the new cards coming out could play that game at 60FPS with every thing set to very high and with FSAA 4x and 16x aniso, and playing with DX10,unless it is a triple setup.
Two things I disagree with: 1) It was overhyped. We were getting a steady stream of videos for 2 or 3 years before it came out. When I first saw this game I was incredibly excited for it, but by the time it actually came out I had lost a lot of my interest. 2) It's not poorly written. It performs badly because it tries to do things that no other game does. If you want to make it run like any other big game right now, turn down the settings so it looks like any other game right now. And even then you still have stuff like the trees that no other game (to my knowledge) is doing. Contrary to popular belief the game runs very well on current-gen hardware, you just have to turn off some of the next-gen effects (go figure).
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