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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

As long as I had space to upgrade charm, I did. I maxed it out really fast.

When you have the option for charm\intimidate the standard dialog options are usually pretty lousy. I bet it really changes the outcome of a lot of situations.


What happens on Feros if you don't charm the ExoGeni guy into continuing the colony? It seemed like a happy ending for everyone when I did that... except for the guy who blew his own head off.

Another big one for me was maxing out Electronics for Shepard and Decryption for Garrus. This way, I could get into any container or probe on any planet. I think I've only missed one probe and I've been to a crap load of planets so far. I can't imagine having to go back and drive around every one of them later on to complete the side quests that involve finding artifacts. I'm really trying to complete them all, and I'm getting very close.
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