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Default Re: Nvidia's secret weapon against ATI?

I know that Crysis does not support PhysX, but turning up the physics setting to very high results in a dramatic improvement in explosions and damage. If your card can handle it, give it a try. We've heard about the wonders of PhysX before, but those who have seen it in action state that it can make a big difference in the gaming experience. Maybe it will turn out to be all hype and just an attempt by Nvidia to boost 3DMark Vantage scores, but I think it may turn out to signal a major shift in gaming. PhysX support was limited to those who bought the card and games that supported it. Now it will be supported in Nvidia's cards by downloading the correct drivers. Developers can include it in future games knowing that a lot of gamers will be able to use it. I'm sure that Nvidia will so all it can to ensure that this happens.
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