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Default Re: Nvidia's secret weapon against ATI?

All Nvidia did was allow the Physx to run on their cards. If the CPUs all of the sudden started to do video card work would the CPUs be cheating on 3DMark? Of course not it is ADDING features to a given piece of hardware. This whole line of rationalization where because a certain piece of hardware is more capable than the other, it should be normalized.

We all realize ATI has Dx10.1 support and we don't rag on ATI for supporting this. Good for them I think it is noble to support as many features as you can. Nvidia supports Physx, good for them the more they can do the better.

As for the CPU being utilized in UT games, this is due to the fact Physx will use the CPU in conjunction with GPU Physx for the best effects. Yes, Physx basically does what Havoc does on a CPU and furthur enhances it onto the GPU.

Some people make the argument that the GPU can't do Physx and Graphics at the same time, which is false.

Others make the argument that Physx can't run as fast in a game as more of the GPU is used for the game. First of all using 2 TPCs (1/5th of a GTX 280) is more power than the Ageia PPU ever had, making Physx very viable even with graphics running full bore.

Another argument has been made that the Futuremark test runs the Nvidia cards twice because of its dual functionality and does not represent real world results. Lets look at this, if the CPU can run the CPU test and the Physx test then how can the CPU not qualify for offending the same principal. For example the CPU test assumes the CPU has nothing to do other than CPU stuff, but then again during the Physx test Vantage assumes again the CPU has nothing to do but Physx, completely invalidating the point that a single piece of HW can't be used for any two different tests to their full potiental.

The point is that Vantage is a benchmark and is intended the list the potiental of the machine. Using Vantage to measure against games is not that great of an idea. If you want to know how games will run, why not try games? Lets not get bent out of shape here for Nvidia providing us with a very valuable feature which has the potiental to make games more fun.

Quite frankly I can't believe people are so upset about this.
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