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Default Re: Nvidia's secret weapon against ATI?

Who cares if they are cheating in 3Dmark. This whole thing just makes Futuremark's 3Dmark look even more stupid than it already does. 3Dmark has almost no credibility anymore and this will just further that point. A good synthetic benchmark should try to reflect the performance you will get in games or future games. With 3Dmark Vantage and the physx test weighed into the final score, Vantage does a horrible job of reflecting real life 3D performance.

I think there needs to be a standard physics API before a physics score should even be considered and even then I would still be skeptical about adding it. Right now, by having 3Dmark support only physx, it has basically become a nVidia only physx benchmark. It is like if someone wrote a benchmark which used only Glide or S3 S3D Metal. The S3 cards would be the fastest card in that benchmark because they would be the only one that supported that API.

3Dmark has become an even bigger joke than it already is. And I say this as a 280 GTX owner who's card gets a significant boost.
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