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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Superb shots SJA06 you've really captured the feel of the welsh coast in those shots btw what water colour theme are you using it looks perfect (is it your british blues theme?)
Edit: just checked FEX GUI and saw youve uploaded it there ,Many thanks (mind if i remove the burnt in waves from it for myself?)

Good news for us waitting on the HD48xx FSX results and that isTHG HD4850 review shows its just behind the 8800gtx-9800gtx(2-3fps)but still ahead of the 2xx cards in FSX(although slaWter report the 280 perform at the same lvl as a 8800gtx) & compared to the 3870 numbers in the chart its not taking the massive TMU/AA hit like the 38xx cards did & as those numbers are about the most info we'll see (and most prob the most we'll ever see)for FSX im pretty sure my next card will be a HD4870 which even though FSX is CPU limited im hopping the extra bandwidth the ddr5 offer will close or surpass the few frames the 4850 is dropping

now should i await the 1GB 4870 or just preorder the 512mb version....part of me says wait and see if anymore feedback comes in from FSX users...and part of me says just get it and get away from Nv's terrible driver support...Argg

BTW saw this at Avsim on FSXI's engine gutting looks very promising

and check out this upcoming FSX camera addon from the dev of EZwalk cam
the freehand cam mode just looks so sweet(first link 1:10 mark)

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