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Default Re: GTX280/260 Overclocking Results

Originally Posted by CAUTION View Post
Nice REVS, and good luck with the new cards.
Cheers bud

OMG these things OC like nothing i've ever known. The only reason I stopped where I did is the memory wouldn't increase any more and the GPU clock was starting to scare me . The shader started to clip at 1490mhz so I backed it off 10mhz. You can see the GPU temps on the pic (FurMark only uses one card).

I'm gonna do some benching now. With the CPU at 4.05Ghz (450x9) and the cards at stock clocks I got just over P12197 Vantage points (no physics driver) which I thought was very poor indeed, but I suspect it's CPU limited at such a low res.

Pic removed due to a problem with RT causing BS clocks.

The max stable OC was 740/1475/1280 (100% fan, 68*C), still very pleased with that
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