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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey SJA06

Yep i agree the water thing can be tricky but i think you've nailed the tones for the UK in that last theme so great work

ive played with the tropical sets a few time for hawaii but never publish any to the FEX GUI,the main thing that throws water tweaking is that bloody silly milky moon that effects water tone even durning the day,just one other thing that got past Aces Q&A...i just hope either FSWC or chirs new shader will let us nuke it for once and all

Ive been trying to find an app that can monitor VM under Vista but it seems due to videomemory virtualization nothing can track it riva tunner VM plugin has this to say on the matter

Videomemory usage monitoring is not available under Vista due to Vista videomemory virtualization.

Its one of the reasons that i dont really think im gonna need the 1GB version of the 4870,I think im gonna wait out for a week or 2 for prices here in the UK to settle a little Ebuyer have them on preorder for 180 which is a great price ive allready come close to hitting the buy button twice today ! OcUK on the other hand want 235 for the same card lol welcome to rip off britain...

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