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Default Re: Head of Graphics Cards Supplier Expects Intelís Larrabee to Change the Market.

I prefer discrete graphics over one built into the CPU. Here's why.

GPUs tend to obsolete faster than a CPU. If you bought an Ahtlon 64 X2 3800 in 2005, you can still run high end games today with a decent GPU. But if you bought a GeForce 6600GT in 2005, good luck doing the same even with a high end CPU.

And that's my problem. I can stick with a solid CPU through several GPU generations, using the same PCI-E slot. But if I want to upgrade my graphics with this Larrabee approach, that means a new CPU, likely a new socket, so a new mobo, and posisbly new memory.

Forget that, that's one expensive upgrade path just to enhance your graphics.
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