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Default Re: Head of Graphics Cards Supplier Expects Intelís Larrabee to Change the Market.

As I said on another site: Intel has been raving about the prospects of integrated graphics for quite some time, and they've only gotten better at the same pace they did before -- every time a new integrated graphics component from them or AMD is released, it only matches the low-end of dedicated mobile cards from the previous generation.

I don't expect any of that to change. Intel keeps saying how dedicated cards are going to die, but I think we're seeing dedicated cards becoming more and more important.

Rahul (spelling?) of Voodoo in a recent video for the Envy 133 said you'd see a merging of the CPU and GPU within a year (or by the end of the year, or something), which would be really nice for laptops, but I just don't see it happening -- at least not happening with them being very powerful.
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