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Default I solved GTX280 overheating issue

It's case airflow.

Installed GTX started futuremark and card reached 100C before i hit quit. I didn't want card to reach any critical point. I opened the case and started thinking. Ok, so i moved my sound card to the last PCI slot. It was just under Video card. Grabbed my PCI Slot video card fan (antec blue) and installed under the card. I skipped one slot though to make sure there is room between slot cooler and video card itself. I fired up computer and noticed my idle dropped from 54C to 48C. I ran future mark three times in a row...For the first bench temperature didn't go over 78C . For second one which is more intensive it reached around 86C. For other benches temperature was between 69C and 75C

So yeah...happy gaming....

It looks like this card requires extremely good aircase flow. Also want to mention that my room temperatire is about 102F, no air here and it's damn hot summer...
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