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Default Re: I solved GTX280 overheating issue

hm, i dunno you might be onto something there..

i just got a new case today and boy does it ever make a difference.

max load in crysis now 70-75, and i can barely even hear my case fans it's just an
amazing difference to the one i had before..

and what's even better is that my fps went up substantially as well, perhaps
because the card is no longer throttling back due to high temps..

crysis looks just beautiful at 1680x1050 with 16xAA, dx9 with the dx10 tweaks enabled.


it never dipped or chugged once, even in large firefights.. and everyone
over at the evga forums was flabbergasted i got a 280 with such a 'weak'

anyway, all i know is there are QUITE a few reports of high temps with
the 280's so it's just gotta be the way they are.. I doubt that many
bad eggs could slip through quality control.

when i first got my card it overheated, shut my pc down ect. too.. but
troubleshoot troubleshoot troubleshoot and im a very happy gamer..

it's cool to be able to see the inside of my case too
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