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Default Re: Nvidia's secret weapon against ATI?

It isn't nVidia cheating, more so the blame lies soley with Futuremark for creating a horrible benchmark. nVidia just created a driver that accelerates the physx API, and the whole reason they bought AGEIA was for the physx API. The blame goes to Futuremark for having a proprietary API in their benchmark and the physics benchmark having such a huge impact on the total score.

Like I said proprietary API's have no place in benchmarks. If back in the day there was a glide only benchmark and all other non 3Dfx hardware rendered in software, how ridiculous would that benchmark be? That is the case with 3Dmark.

Futuremark is stupid for including physx acceleration in a way that effects the final score, when in real life, the instances where physx makes a difference are limited to a couple of custom gimmick UT3 maps and one game no one cares about called Cell Factor. Futuremark as a benchmark that is supposed to gauge game performance is a joke. It already had almost no credibility which is the reason why most sites don't include it in reviews, and this will just hurt 3Dmark's credibility even more. Why anyone cares about 3Dmark scores is beyond me.
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