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Default Re: GTX280/260 Overclocking Results

Originally Posted by spajdr View Post
Doesnt matter how much you set GPU, its tied to shader clock, you can even type 850Mhz and it will run without problem, but not speed difference, so only linked mode makes a difference.
RivaTuned won't allow the GPU core speed past 740Mhz for me but over 700Mhz there was no performance gain anyhow. The shader and memory clock made a nice difference though.

Just a note about the fan. On full it is very noisey, but the ammount of air it'll blast through is amazing. It's like a leaf blower. The sweet spot is 55%, nice and quiet but with good air flow. I might mod the grill where the air comes out to increase air flow a bit.

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
Best Vantage GPU score I've seen so far is 11.7k for GPU alone.
16910 on 'P' mode, 11905 on 'H' mode But that's in SLI. Did you mean for one card?
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