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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey slaWter

Yep i never really liked THG but there the only FSX numbers ive seen for the 48xx cards look like its going to be a buy one and see jobby,i guess number for FSX in reviews are fickle anyhows just because i have somuch stuff addon wise that no review would have,not sure what driver set THG was running for his FSX Nv tests but as you know we've seen some results like that just going from 1 driver increment leak to the next,its one of the major reason i want give ATI a try this round as Nv's driver support (not just for FSX )is just ****ty IMH,if they spent just 1-10th of the time fixing FSX's driver bugs than they waste trying to get another 0.5% out of crysis im sure id all be happy to stick with them...sad truth for me is i spent 8hours tops in crysis and yep it was fun...but i wont be going back as i sold it the day after i finished it & as i spend more than 8 hours a week in FSX i want better support it also seem ATI read there fan message board last month a guy was bitching about FSX performance on the 3xx cards and next driver relase its jumped 5fps in preformance,Also im just starting out on a new bussiness building hand made bass guitars so money for PC hardware is taking a back set to Shop tools ATM,I can sneak out 200 for a new GFX card but not the 300+ NV want here in the UK for 2-3% more performance at best

ATI have been pretty cleaver this round with there tech & pricing,im no fanboy(i was a 3dfx fanboy way back when from my voodoo1 to my voodoo 5 days)now im interested in bang for my buck and the FPS to conversion looks a hell of a lot better on the red team this side around....So question is am i still welcome in this thread if i jump to the red team this round hehe

Thanx for the info on the cloud theme btw,by chance i ended up with that one after trying a few last nite...some look stunning in action but just as many look really hideous! good job theres quite a few to pick from!

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