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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

hello guys !

well i bought 5 days ago a leadtek gtx 280, received it last tuesday, immediately installed it, launched crysis very high dx10, and gpu went up to 105 degre and i had to stop the game, cause temp was going up & up again....

i have a very well ventilated case (stacker master 830) with 4 side 12cm fans, 2 intake fan (front) 1 behind blowing hot air outside.

i have an enermax dxx 1000 watts, with 8 pin pci-e connectors, and 6 pins, i tried to everything with those plugs to see if psu was the issue but it wasnt, i have even tried with my tagan 900 watts with adaptateur 6 to 8 pin and same issue.

im very frustrated and angry agains nvidia for releasing such buggy gpus.

so i called the technical service of the shop where i bought the card and sent it back yesterday, and i asked for a refund, i will wait the next revision of the gtx280 (55nm) before i think about buying a nvidia card again.
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