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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Welcome to the forum, bud . Did you try increasing the fan speed? I assume there is a fault with some of the cards because it seems people's cards are either running nice and cool or massively overheating. Luckily mine run cool; 40*C idle and up to 65*C ish after a good sesh on Crysis with clocks in sig.

EDIT: Is this thread just for GTX280's?
hi and thanks

yes i was using the fan at 100% speed, at idle my card was at 45 celsius, so that was good, but once i launched crysis and played for 5 min temp raised to 105, same with call of juarez dx10, as soon as i stopped those games, temps dropped immediately to 70, i mean just 1 second later not more, then went back to 45 few secs after.

i first thought that was a faulty temp sensor and that my card could not that hot so while gaming i touched the card and it almost burned my finger !
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