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Default Re: Post edits not working all the time?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Anyone else having this problem?

If I edit a post and save it, it won't actually update the post. Even if I refresh the page it still has the original text in it.

If I click edit again, everything I changed is in the edit text box and I just have to hit save again and it will update the post correctly.

I don't know if its just something not updating properly on my end or if the site itself isn't editing posts correctly. Anyone else have this problem lately? I've had it 3 or 4 times in the past few days.
if it doesnt work, try clearing all your web history and look at the post again.

if it still didnt edit, then it's something wrong with the server. probably a bad UPDATE SQL statement or something. im sure the debugging is turned off, so an error wouldnt show up. if that's the case, you should probably PM MikeC.

personally, i havent had any issues.
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