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Default Re: Nvidia's secret weapon against ATI?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
There are only 2 maps that you have to download that support PhysX lol. Not every map even supports PhysX. So I guess the shader re-write of the driver would be the reason why UT3 has a huge FPS increase, it has nothing to do with PhysX.

The 177.39 + PhysX combo only works with G92 and GT200 series and ONLY in Vantage (which is sorta cheats cause it uses the GPU to run the Physics benchmark and not the CPU like it should) and the UT3 addon maps ("Tornado" and "LightHouse". - download here for PhysX.

There is no universial PhysX support for the Nvidia cards yet.
You don't get it, Unreal Engine 3 uses Ageia's (now Nvidia's) software for physics, the "Physx" maps are just showing a lot of those physical interactions.

But on regular maps, when a Scorpion blows up and pieces bounce around, what do you think it uses for those "physical" interactions with the 3d world?
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