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Default Re: GPU core temp (where to get it?)

cool ...
didn't know that ...
thanks for the tip !

Anyway, I was looking for something more "parseable" ... like a sysctl value .. ( as in: if I can get all the info from the /proc filesystem under Linux, why wouldn't I be able to get the same info from sysctl under FreeBSD? ... it's even "freeer" than Linux )

if there's not such a thing .. are there any plans to include such a functionality in the near future?

If there are no plans to do so, who should I pick on to get it?

I mean .. regardless of whether a user does or does not have nvidia-settings install, he/she should be able to get a proper reading of the GPU core temperature (mem temp too .. maybe?) just like any other temperature reading on the system...

Furthermore .. it would make it easier to write a C or C++ app or widget ( a panel applet for KDE3 or even a plasmoid for KDE4 ) using sys/sysctl.h

Thanks for your kind answer
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