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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

My first GTX280 was a BFG, and it overheated, throttled and shutdown on it's own. My second card is an EVGA and it is fine.

I can just imagine the frustration some of you are feeling. If the store I bought it from wasn't so friendly and didn't allow me to exchange mine I would be very frustrated with the situation. It would stink buying it online or going through an RMA; having to ship a card back and then having to wait for a replacement. And the whole reason those of us who own the card bought it already is because we are eager and excited about wanting a GTX280 and bought our cards as soon as possible.

If my exchange hadn't been so trouble free I would be seriously considering a 4870 (Although at the price a 4870 costs I will probably end up grabbing one or an x2 version for my 2nd system anyways)
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