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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Whoo Sillys back

Thats one dam sexy F-16 (aerosoft?)needs a bit more Dirt on the skin imo

So silly did you drop for FEX on a 30day trial or are you still hangging on for REX?

Thanks for the well wishing slaWter,it will be quite a change of jobs for me as ive been a PC tech for the past 15 years and im a bit sick of PC's now TBH with you,i just wanted to do something with my hands as well as my brain for a change

Ive built about 3 basses now this is a pic of my 2nd build im still learning the art of woodworking but its a lot of fun (i also play bass guitar and have done for 17 years now im mainly into prog,metal,rock,jazz,fusion)

It might not take off but if it doesnt atleast i'll have had a lot of fun trying and i'll have a lot more basses to play hehe


Been told by a bud who works for and online retailer that the HD4870 in the UK should drop to around 160 in the next week or 2 as soon as supply ramps up,
I'll be ordering one when they do So i'll post a mini review once i get one
im looking forward to trying the CFAA modes in FSX
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