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Default Re: Furmark cause major overheating on GTX 280?

Originally Posted by ScBlacksunshine View Post
Nice EVGA denied my RMA because I bought this on Ebay brand new, yet when you register for product warranty they provide an drop down if you purchase the card from Ebay...nice going EVGA I guess I learn my lesson about EVGA product....
Oh man, harsh.

I think the next step would be to have a look at the box to see what it says about warranty terms. My knowledge of American law is scant, but under UK law, a warranty term stated on the box becomes part of the contract formed and accepted as part of the sale. This cannot be modified post-acceptance. For example, in the UK, you cannot have a box that states "3yr warranty", but then only apply extra terms that say that the warranty is invalid if the product was bought from X vendor.

I'd give them a phonecall, explain to them that terms added after the sale don't mean sh*t, and argue with them until you get somewhere. Ideally, record the phonecall. You might be posting it on the internet, afterall.
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