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Default Vanguard: Free month for inactive accounts

Those of you whom have had their fingers burnt in the past with Vanguard now have the opportunity to re-activate their accounts and see the huge improvements for themselves.

Here is the Sony blurb and I hope to see you in Telon.

Come back to Vanguard: Sage of Heroes between June 26, 2008 at 12:01AM PDT and July 31, 2008 at 11:59PM PDT for FREE* to experience first-hand all the changes, updates and additions that have been introduced to the world of Vanguard. Telon Rides On, the latest game update, offers each of the races in Vanguard exciting New Mounts to acquire and befriend in their journey across the lands of Telon. In order to acquire one of these new mounts you must be level 30 or higher and gain Citizen Favor by promoting a race’s starting city. Gain enough of a faction's trust and the right amount of Platinum coins and the new mounts can be yours!

Convert your account to an active, valid paying Vanguard or Station Access subscription account before July 31, 2008 at 11:59 PM PDT and receive a special in-game Pack Camel mount of your very own! This mount is colored especially for those players returning to Vanguard during this promotional period!**
Your account has been reactivated, simply log-in and join us in Telon for FREE for a limited time and saddle up one of the new Racial Mounts!
Telon Rides On offers much more than just the new mounts:
Blood Mages now have a recipe to craft bags to hold Symbiotes, Organs, and Vials of Blood, this will free up substantial inventory space – More Info

Psionicists will get two new abilities, Synchronize and Paralysis field. These allow you to reverse Time Trick effects and partially paralyze all opponents close to you for a short time – More Info

Many of the classes have received fantastic new visuals for their spells and abilities with new particle effects – More Info

We hope everyone experiences improved performance and smoother gameplay with the addition of the new "Anti-Hitching" code – More Info
Check out all the latest news, updates and changes

Each Game Update brings a plethora of changes, enhancements, optimizations and new adventures to the Vanguard game, stay up-to-date on all the updates by visiting the Vanguard Players site!

Vanguard Players Update Page
Come back to Vanguard today, we'll see you in Telon!
- The Vanguard Saga of Heroes Team
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