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Default Re: Furmark cause major overheating on GTX 280?

Originally Posted by Feyy View Post
Perhaps you could talk to Jakup about it, he works for EVGA and is on these forums.
Though i wouldn't get your hopes up.
Originally Posted by dxx View Post
Oh man, harsh.

I think the next step would be to have a look at the box to see what it says about warranty terms. My knowledge of American law is scant, but under UK law, a warranty term stated on the box becomes part of the contract formed and accepted as part of the sale. This cannot be modified post-acceptance. For example, in the UK, you cannot have a box that states "3yr warranty", but then only apply extra terms that say that the warranty is invalid if the product was bought from X vendor.

I'd give them a phonecall, explain to them that terms added after the sale don't mean sh*t, and argue with them until you get somewhere. Ideally, record the phonecall. You might be posting it on the internet, afterall.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I talked to the ebay seller and he's going to take back the GTX 280 and deal with EVGA direct. My guess is, he's a retailer with EVGA and probably have much better term then regular consumer. He's going to send me a brand new replacement. At this point, I might just sell the replacement, this whole experience with EVGA left me with a pretty bad impression. I read through their entire website and it doesn't state anything about authorized retail, in fact see the link below (only loophole is they can refuse warranty claim at anytime )...maybe I am missing something. I work for the largest IT distributor in the US/Global, so I can get GTX 280 at a decent price and EVGA is actually one of our vendor, perhaps I should talk to our EVGA buyer about this, what if I bought this from my work? then it probably still won't be cover under the warranty since we're not an authorized reseller per say.....Great timing too, now the GTX 280 is completely dead, power up the computer this morning, VGA bios won't even post, and fan just goes to 100% so this card is defintely DOA....
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