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Default Re: Slow Firefox-Performance with NVIDA

Hi All,

We are developing a system using firefox which uses one big page with a LOT of DIV's. I won't go into the purpose of the application but I can say this about the speed. With FF2 it is amazingly quick. With FF3 we were shocked by the slowness of the rendering. We did a lot of head scratching until today when we set up our embedded via system with FF3 to see if we saw the same issues. Luckily, FF3 is blisteringly fast on our embedded system. It means we can now use FF3 :-)

My development system is a intel quad with 2 gig ram and the GeForce 8800GS running centos 5.2 with the latest nvidia drivers (173.14.09) . Our embedded system uses a 1.5Ghz processor, via graphics chipset and has 1 Gig of memory. I think we can say the problem in our case is not FF3 related as such. Maybe because of the method FF3 is using to draw the screen hits on the performance of the nvidia driver. A shame really because I do think nvidia's intentions are honourable.

The good news is we haven't wasted over 18 months of development :-)

Hopw they fix the problem soon. Currently using FF2 until they do :-) (for development)
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