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Default Re: What do you all think ?

A 280 would be fast, but they're really recommended for 1920x1200 and up. Thats 11% more pixels then your 1920x1080 setup. In your situation, I'd go for the 4870 and upgrade that cpu and motherboard. Use the extra $350 to buy a E8400 or E8500 and a decent X38 DDR2 board. Otherwise, the 3.2GHz A64X2 is going to bottleneck the crap out of GPU. Also, you could add another 4870 in crossfire at some point.

At 1920x1080 the 4870X2 would really be overkill, and there's no need to wait for a BGF 280 OC2 if you really want a 280, you can simply OC yourself probably past its rated speeds.
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