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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by SJA06 View Post
It's probably accurate, but that F-16 looks a little flat -a bit FS9- or is it just me?
I think they said its got 300k polys or something rediculous. They said the undercarriage alone has more polys than can be compiled for FS9, and the full model is six times as complex as what can be compiled for FS9. This is supposed to be their showcase product that pushes the current poly limit to the max.

Hey can you help me with some Horizon VFR questions? I have been looking at that recently. I saw a cool location called Snowdonia, and I'm wondering if that area is available in the Horizon Scenery? Also is Horizon superior to the Just Flight UK VFR scenery?

I saw some shots of Horizons Londond scenery, which is enough to make me drop for the whole pack, but didn't see anything on their site. Will the London scenery be released soon? There is also no mention of autogen on their site. How does one aquire that?

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