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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey silly

I Just dropped for the Horizon Vol2 V2 disc's so maybe i can answer a few of your ?'s

First off you can check out some of the Snowdonia area for yourself with the Horizons GenX demo (just under 300mb) from here

Full coverage of that area is split between vol2 and vol 3.....

Theres is no Autogen as part of these packages only various FS2004/FSX freeware area's floating around the web which i found are quite patchy
The dev's are working on autogen but i guess it will take a while....i also read that there working on a 60cm rez package of major cities

Version 2 now contains Water masks (very cool see some shots i post a few pages back with my 4096 water normals)& 2.4m nightlighting (daylight packs offer a 1.2m res)

you can get the version 2 packages from for almost half the price they sell over a horizon & that inc's free worldwide shipping (17.99 vs 29.99)
my full install of vol2 tops around 25gig!

cant help with the london stuff i have'nt checked that out yet so over to SAJ06 for that

& while were taking about the horizon VFR & autogen i decided to purchase Instant scenery 1.04 from flight 1 crack out the FSX SDK and started to add my own

This PS really comes alive once you start to add autogen items to it im still checking out vol2 and im not sure if i'll purchase the other 2 volumes yet,i'll wait to see how the autogen placement improves


BTW nice shots yet again SJA06 are all these from default cam angles or are you using an addon cam like EZ or W&F?

& thx for the kind words on my bass build guys BC i'll keep you in mind once im ready to take on custom orders,nice to see there are other simming/gaming bassists out there hehe
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