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Default Re: Thinking about SuSE

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
As has been said, package managers make all the difference these days. You likely wuldn't notice much difference using synaptic in Ubuntu, PClinuxOS, or other.

The great thing about Linux is your choice isn't bound by money. I've been known to dl 5 different distros in a week, play with them all until I find my personal taste.
If you will look at the thread date, it was back in April Wanna try downloading 5 distros on dialup?

I dislike RPM's because "back in the day" ( I know, times have changed). I had Red Hat 7.2 Had so many frickin' dependencies my dialup couldn't take it That's not counting the destroyed purchases I had to replace because I got so upset at it.

Never had that problem with debs, even when I had the Debian distro (it rocked!). I do understand that nowadays the package managers are good, I still believe debs are more supported.

Although, I saw a pic last night of the new OpenSuSE 11.0 and it looks..well...the best interface I've ever seen, that includes Vista.
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