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Default Re: Nvidia PhysX runs on 3870 ! Massive Vantage Score

Originally Posted by Ghola View Post
So ATI does Havok and Physx, does Nvidia get this advantage to?
Not likely. The plan is a prudent move by NV, similar to what Creative Labs did with the original SB Live. When Creative released the Live, they did so with EAX, in an effort to compete against A3D. CL made their API an extension of DirectSound3D, and made it an open standard so that all companies could use it. 3rd parties then used EAX, and CL made it so that EAX 3.0-5.0HD were pretty much exclusive.

If all NV and ATI cards support PhysX, but only ATI cards, devs will likely pick PhysX over Havok. Once Havok dies and PhysX becomes the standard, NV can pull some exclusivity or royalty BS, like CL did. I hate it, but it's smart.
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