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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Horizon's 3D London is still in development, with no release date as yet, though it shouldn’t be too long - there is a demo, which you can try [with or without GenX] - I'll post a link when I find it.

GenX is by a huge margin better than Real scenery by Just Flight - although their data is more recent, the colour palette is over green and washed-out compared to GenX. They also over-compressed their scenery, which ruins the 1.2m resolution.

GenX is the enthusiasts choice, and has a great community, with lots of free stuff to add, and the UK2000 airfields packs, are designed to fit with GenX's mesh...I'm feeling like a sales rep again

Here are three shots I took of 3D London.

I now have 42,000 agn files for GenX - this gives quite good coverage [some area's better than others] if anyone would like them, I will send them on CD, as some of it is tricky to find now. Horizon, as omzig said are woking on full agn coverage, and will soon release an, easy to use tool, for custom agn placement.

Lake District Autogen.

Originally Posted by sillyeagle View Post
I think they said its got 300k polys or something rediculous. They said the undercarriage alone has more polys than can be compiled for FS9, and the full model is six times as complex as what can be compiled for FS9. This is supposed to be their showcase product that pushes the current poly limit to the max.
It was more the textures, rather than the poly count, I feel looked a little flat - it looks like Nick had to work hard to add some highlights..but maybe the real F-16 has very matte paint. I also wonder if 'Aircraft self shadows' are turned off, which perhaps doesn't help.

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