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Default Re: Nvidia PhysX runs on 3870 ! Massive Vantage Score

Actually the ATI/Havok reports seem to be PR only

Saw this note from Ryan Smith one of the AT editors in a post at those forums:

Hey guys, I just thought I'd stop by and comment on this since I saw it. We've looked in to the matter and I have been unable to get any confirmation that Havok/AMD are seriously working on a Havok implementation on CAL for hardware acceleration. The press release at the heart of the matter seems to have been a strategic press release against NVIDIA (both Havok and AMD compete against NVIDIA right now) reaffirming that yes, Havok does take in to account AMD CPUs in their development efforts. It doesn't look like there are any new products in the pipeline right now, Havok seems pretty dead on the idea since Havok FX died.
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