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Unhappy Is a correct dynamic twinview setup really impossible?

Hi all,

I have a problem here. I read a lot of threads in the Forums that with Dynamic TwinView and current xorg-server versions (read: 1.3.x) it is impossible for the driver to give the correct infos to the xorg-server and Programs for identifying a setup with 2 Monitors as 2 Seperate Screens. They just get threated as one big screen (stretching all Windows and stuff over both).

Now I have a laptop which normaly only uses its internal screen. But at times I would like to hook up an external monitor and configure it as a secondary monitor. At the moment I have to change xorg.conf and restart X. If I just activate it in nvidia-settings without restarting X I get the "stretch everything over both monitors"-behavior. This is *really* inconvenient!! With my old laptop I was able to do this within a running X (radeon open-source driver)

So is there really no way getting this to work with the nvidia-driver?

Thanks in advance

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