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Default Problem using InitialPixmapPlacement=2

Hi all,

using InitialPixmapPlacemenet=2 I have the problem that every kind of desktop effects result in some kind of screen corruption.
For example the background of the kde4 (which is btw. without xgl unusable slow) logout screen only consists of parts of textures which were shown recently (e. g. if I would open a PDF document, close it an log out, parts of this document would be shown in the background).
Or when right clicking on a plasma workspace in kde4, for some seconds the menu appears as a corrupted area before it is shown correctly.
This also applies when logging into gnome with enabled compiz. After login parts of the wallpaper are drawn where they don't belong. This is fixed as soon as this part is drawn a second time.

Using a desktop without any effects (tested with kde3) I have no problems even using IPP=2.

Is this normal behaviour for IPP=2? (btw. GlpyhCache is also enabled but this doesn't seem to make any difference).
I am using an external monitor, maybe this could be relevant.

If I remember right these problems do not exist using xgl but I need proper OpenGl acceleration.

Systems specs:
GeForce 8600M GT (Driver version 173.14.05)
x server version 1.4.x

Thanks for every help.
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