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Default Re: I'm a noob at HT Audio

Originally Posted by Zapablast05 View Post
Well, the front speakers have the subs built in, so I basically have 2 subs as front speakers. They're not really subs, they're just way louder and hit low frequencies and I can't hear the surround because they overpower everything else. I think they're like 100w and the surround speakers are 30w.

Is it better to buy a new receiver? I was taking a look at them and they look really complex from the back. If I'm gonna get a new receiver, I'd wanna get one with a CD player.
You're right, they're not subs but "woofers" instead- though they'd essentially function the same way. Also, I'd bet your rear speakers can handle up to 100w. I'm betting your setup is 100w x5. The problem is it sounds, that your current reciever is focusing too much on the fronts. A proper reciever will allow you to balance the sound at.

See, with subs (or in your case, dual woofers) their placement isn't nearly as critical as with the rest of the speakers- bass isn't nearly as directional as the mid and higher frequencies. So what should happen is the two woofers would function as subs (so instead of "5.1" surround you'd have "5.2"... if you get my drift) but the rest of the speakers would be focused on mids and highs- just like your rear and center speakers. So the sound should be balanced (possibly with some minor adjusting).

As for having a CD-Player, what about your current rack system? Does that not have a CD/DVD changer? If so, you might be able to use that with the new reciever. As for the back of the reciever being complicated- not really. If you can figure out how to put a computer together, wiring in a reciever will be a piece of caek! a
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