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Default Re: Undervolting GTX280 - The Way To Be Cool!

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
Undervolting the card is not the way to go, though. If you undervolt it, then when the card is under full load and needs that extra voltage and can't find it, then it's going to either fizzle out or die. Perhaps both.

There's an easier solution for a buzzing fan. It's called "case airflow." Either get a case that has vents on the side or buy a couple of high CFM fans to place around the card to suck in cool air through. Voila. The extra loud fan on the card won't have to spin as fast because the temps inside the case won't be like a sahara desert.

But no one should undervolt their video card; that's just asking for trouble. If the voltage is set at spec, it's because the card will eventually need it to perform. I'm always amused by forum gurus who think they know more than MIT engineers up at Nvidia.

The people who designed the card didn't pull the stock voltage number out of thin air. They rigorously tested the card to make sure it was perform correctly without errors. The card may run with a lower voltage, but it will likely have worse performance and causing more issues such as BSODs or display driver stopped responding.
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