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Default Re: Undervolting GTX280 - The Way To Be Cool!

Man I dont get all this noise/heat crap that people are talking about and I am running 691/1404/1250 (lame shader clock artifacts at 1435 so I backed it way off) with no fan mods etc.. I use Rivatuner and fan is auto in drivers and Rivatuner.

This card is not loud (for me) and only went above 80c when I used that furmark program. Even in Crysis with max settings and 16xaa it never gets above 75c. My ambient is around 72-75c and the card idles around 43-46 in low power 2d mode. I have an antec full tower case with a zalman 9700. Two normal sized case fans pull in the front and two blow out the back. Nothing too fancy here. Maybe I got lucky with this card.

My 8800 GTX Oc edition was louder and hotter.
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