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Default Re: I'm a noob at HT Audio

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Hmm... if those ratings are indeed accurate, then your rear and center speakers are heavily under powered when paired with those fronts. A new reciever will definitely help, but I'm not sure if it will sound proper with that large a difference in wattage. Regardless, the wattage rating alone is not what determines how loud your speakers can go. I still encourage getting the A/V Reciever. You can always replace the rear and center speakers later if need be.

Here's what I'd recommend after purchasing your reciever: keep an eye out for local garage or estate sales. A lot of times you can find old yet awesome speakers for cheap. I'm not sure what kind of room you have though. If you're in a small apartment/studio then you might consider getting some bookshelf speakers to replace your current rear speakers. Try to keep the wattage rating right around 100Watts for the rear speakers. For the center, same thing. Bottom line is you don't need to worry about your rear or center speakers producing a lot of bass, leave that up to your 15" woofers.

As for the "CD Player"... are you wanting one that'll play DVDs as well? Not sure what you're after there. Regardless, CD/DVD changers can be had for cheap. Are you going to have your computer hooked up to this A/V Reciever? If so you might consider skipping the CD/DVD changer and just using your computer.
The rear speakers are probably 10"l x 6"w x 6"h, probably the size of your average modem and as tall as 3 of them. They are really weak, I have to be within "whisper" earshot range to hear them. I gotta be really, really, close for them to be audible. They're basically bookshelf speakers because....well I have them in book shelves, lol. The living room is probably your average 20' x 20' room. I don't want my PC hooked up to it. I'll most likely have a Blu-Ray player hooked up to it (probably a PS3) and my cable receiver.

The reason why I want a CD changer on it is because the system was originally a home stereo system, so it came with a 24 CD changer and a dual tape deck. I'm gonna be the one buying it, so if my mom sees that I bought a new receiver without any AM/FM/CD changer built in, she would probably not want it to be used. I want to double the A/V system as a music player, too. There has to be some kind of low priced receiver with AM/FM/CD playback. If not, I'll just get something that's good and cheap with DPL, DPL, DTS, Dolby Digital via optical S/PDIF.

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