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Default Re: Diablo III announced

Originally Posted by rhuala View Post
I'm surprised so many people here like this game, and no you really haven't missed much. The Diablo's and Titan Quest are nothing more than finger mashing brainless exploring. The only decent part about the game really is that you get to explore neat looking environemnts and it's fun watching the monsters die in a wide variety of ways. I wish they would add more problem solving puzzles to the game or some type of thought provoking game play, even a little...

Basically here's how you play until you get so bored of it:
1. Hit the left mouse button at anything that moves
2. Watch the red health bar, have you finger on the health potion, driink it when your health gets low.
3. Rinse repeat ad nauseam... or until your finger falls off...

Cast a spell once in awhile or conjure up a friendly. It's almost impossible to get lost or not know where to go or how to not complete a quest as you basically dragged along by the nostrils to every map exit and quest completion...

Its an hacknskash rpg this is how its supposed to be. You dont like the genre its not the games fault. Its like me not liking racing games and saying how they suck and should be more like Doom..

Diablo is the best game series in the genre

You like solving puzzles and thought provoking game play then go play an adventure game.
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