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Default Re: Dualview problems

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Is it a high quality DVI-HDMI cable?
Maybe you should try it with the bundled DVI-HDMI adapter. Apparently there are some issues with DVI-HDMI cables, jAkUp mentioned something about that in another thread.
Maybe this could at least fix the pink video signal.
It's a DVI-HDMI cable, about 15m long as it goes through to another room so the adaptors are no use to me, quality really isnt an issue, it works perfectly with other cards, just not the GTX280. Only thing I could try is to connect it up with a vga cable but the quality isnt tha great at this length, I think i've got one long enough although it's going to be pain threading it through.

I really hope they can fix this, as theres no good reason for it not to work.
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