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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
Re: Misleading statistics.

I hope everyone realizes eVGA is probably scoring the most heating issues because they sell the most GTX 280s. Case and point, probably for every Asus gtx 280 sold, eVGA sells 10. Something like this would completely explain the disparity in the poll numbers.

The better take-home is probably just that GTX 280s have overheating issues, regardless of who you buy yours from. I certainly wouldn't increase this chance by buying one of the overclocked ones!

IMO, a video card should be developed for the least common denominator, which would be a poorly ventilated case.
Yep the main point still remains. 65% total of the users in this board are getting overheating issues with their 280's. (so far)

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