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Default Re: Don't Ignore Min Frames

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
If you meant this point as a positive, ... it didn't work. A card could score 50,000, but if someone told me that it "stutters" while doing it, I certainly won't buy it.
My point was that the drivers need work. They still don't have a link to them on the ATI site and you still have to search around for the hotfix set. You also have to be wary of review sites that aren't using the hotfix drivers and just use what came with the card.

I'm extremely happy with my 4850. I played TF2 the other night for a while and it was running at maximum settings (8xAA, 16xAF, etc etc, all except bloom and blur which I hate) at 1680x1050 while getting at least double the FPS that I was getting on my 8800GTS 320 that wasn't maxed (4xAA, 8xAF, next to highest textures.) Every game I have thrown at it so far is faster, I just haven't had time for much testing. 3dMark06 was just a quick test.

FWIW, my 8800-320 scored 10700 in 3DM06 while my 4850 only is around 11500. There is a LOT bigger difference than that 10% in games.
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