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Default A bit of help needed to make a simple program

I need to make this program for work. I have Visual Studio 2008 and I can work with C++, C# and Basic.

A bit of background -> just finished 3rd year computer engineering. Mostly worked with command line C++ and Java (and GUI with Java) at school. I know most things (or so I think) about object oriented methodologies and concepts and how I should be using them. I usually get a lot of help from my classmates when doing programming assignments, but I did pretty well on the programming final (which I studied a lot for, since I knew it wouldn't be easy for me).

Anyway, I need to make a simple GUI (windows) that has two text fields. One is user editable and the user puts in like a sequence of numbers (binary sequence I believe), so I guess a string basically. Then there is a dropdown menu that you select the type of conversion you want. The second text field is the result from the input you selected and the type of conversion you want to get. Long story short, user puts in a binary sequence, selects the "protocol" they are using from the dropdown menu, and then the CRC sequence for that protocol is shown in the second textfield depending on your input.

There's a couple algorithms for how to get the CRC sequence from the "message", and I can get these from my co-workers. I need to make the GUI interface for this basically and implement these algorithms for the respective option you choose from dropdown menu.

I don't want someone to do the code or anything like that for me, I just want to be pointed in the direction I should be going (hopefully a website that really helps with this, some sample of code from a similar type program or sample of code from a simple GUI interface, something like that).

Thank you for any help.

EDIT: Just realized the program I want to make is basically like those HEX/Binary Converter programs, where you have a text field to put in your message, and a bunch of options to select (Binary To Hex, Hex to Binary, Octal, Decimal, etc.), except I'm using a different algorithm to get the "result".
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