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Default Factory OC'd GTX 260, safe/worth it?

First, I know some of you might say I'm an idiot for considering a GTX 260 over a HD 4870 (though less on this forum than the other one I frequent ). I know, I know; if that's all you're going to say, don't bother. Otherwise just pretend that card doesn't exist and bear with me here.

My only experience with factory overclocked card was an XFX 7900GT, which was pushed way too high and overheated all the time. Though this wasn't specific to XFX of course, some of you may remember there was a pretty big debacle with the 7900GTs. In a race to one-up another the manufacturers were much too careless with their clocks and the cards were frying right and left.

So, as a result of that experience, I'm very hesitant to buy anything that's factory overclocked.

However, I was looking at the GTX 260's and for $10 more eVGA has a card that's at 602/2052 vs (576/2000 standard) which isn't that big an overclock. I know some of you are saying for $10 just get a standard clocked card and flash it, but I don't want to mess around with flashing, it wouldn't be warrantied, and I don't have a floppy drive . Plus $10 is more than I pay for lunch most days, so that's not a big deal.

When I say worth it, I don't mean the additional cost. What I mean is: do you think the additional performance is worth the additional risk? Do you think the card is completely safe at those clocks, or should I just go for a standard clocked card?
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