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Default Re: Undervolting GTX280 - The Way To Be Cool!

Originally Posted by Tomsen78 View Post
Which voltage and timings did you use?

There you can see that the very high standard voltage of 1.18v is to get every poor GT200 Chip stable. Some GT200 like mine is a very good one, that is why i can lower the voltage to 1.03v without any problem. I know about 10 people in the hardwareluxx forum who flashed the bios like me without ANY problem. Not a single card broke or something. To brake a card wont happen if you know what you are doing. So if you are a beginner in hardware stuff, dont do it.
extra : 1.06
3d : 1.03
2d : 1.03

default timings and clock. Now i have restored original bios and all work fine
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