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Default Re: Factory OC'd GTX 260, safe/worth it?

I got a Point of View GTX260 and it does 700/1200 easy, haven't tried higher because temps are high in my room and inside computer.

As azanon mentionned, I'm also sure that companies that sell factory overclocked cards charge a premium for the cards that originally clock higher and sell the bad ones as normal cards. Who knows maybe they even pay less for the lower clocking ones...

Is it far fetched to imagine that Evga, BFG, etc, do not even test the cards but receive pre-tested cards at different prices depending on performance? I would not be surprised that something like this is taking place. The cards are all manufactured at the same place aren't they? it's easy for the original manufacturer in Asia to test the cards potential since he has to test all the cards after manufacturing anyway.

A simple Vmod can make miracles on a bad clocking card too.
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