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Default Re: Don't Ignore Min Frames

Originally Posted by Dazz View Post
I have been debating between a GTX 260 and a HD4870 card. The HD4870 is cheaper but with 512MB Ram it is becoming a limiting factor to it. Selling my 9800GTX on ebay so i can get either one of them.
The 4870 is 1gb of DDR5 RAM. The 4850 is 512mb of DDR3.

The 4870 is a no brainer and I would have gotten it if I could have found it available. I think the 4850 will tide me over for a while now though.

I agree that min FPS > all, but I haven't seen dips like that on my card yet. Not even in Age of Conan which makes COD4 look weak.
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