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Default Re: I'm a noob at HT Audio

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
As far as I know, the 8200 can do anything a separate graphics card can do as far as multimedia. They aren't as fast in gaming, but if you are using a graphics card, the integrated chip won't be used.

Basically, you plug your monitor into the motherboard rather than the graphics card and when you aren't doing anything too graphics-heavy it'll just use the onboard graphics. When you load up a game or something it'll turn on the card and you'll get better performance. In fact, you can have it use hybrid SLI to use the intergrated along with your dedicated card, but I don't think that really helps much at this point. Maybe drivers will improve this later on.

If you don't plan on doing any serious gaming on your HTPC, you don't really need a dedicated card and the 780G is probably better since it is faster than the 8200, but if there is any chance that you'll upgrade your HTPC with an nvidia graphics card in the future, I think it'll be worth it to save all that power, heat and noise with the 8200.
I read a review and a comparison of the 8200 and the 780G and the 82's power consumption is extremely low, but about 4-8 watts lower than the 780G. I won't do any serious gaming or any gaming at all on the HTPC. Although, I don't know what OS to use for the HTPC. I have a bunch of Ubuntu CD's I've been meaning to try .

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