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Default Re: Crysis on 280GTX

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
Never got around to running the benchmark in DX9 under Vista with the new system. Unfortunately, I now need the spare HDD for another system I am building for a review. Asus sent us their M3N78 Pro mobo so I treated myself to Phenom 9850

However, I did get Windows XP re-installed on the new system (E8500, nForce 790i SLI, DDR3 memory) and ran a Cyrsis benchmark at 1280x800 with medium settings.

The benchmark was smoking on the GeForce 280 GTX - average of 89fps and minimum of 57fps
It'd be interesting to see how it runs in Vista with the same hardware and settings, just for a direct comparison. I would hope the FPS would be similar. If you get chance could you post your results. Cheers
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